My Raw Food Diet Starts Today

Hi guys, this video talks about some more weight loss and how I have decided to go for a raw food diet and see how I go. Hope this video helps you if you are looking to do this type of lifestyle. Continue reading


Life After My Juice Fast Continues


Tim here with a ‘life after juice fasting’ update for you today.

It is Friday over here, Friday 9th September here in Australia. And I just wanted to do a quick update to let you know that things are going well. This is the start of my fourth day after my 56 day juice fast. If you haven’t seen my YouTube videos, go and take a look at those. Because I have got a video for every single day on my 56 day juice fast. I updated every day with how much weight I lost, progress, how I felt, what sort of juices I was having, and so on and so forth. So there’s lots of information about that.

And in yesterday’s video I asked the question whether people would be interested in an e-book, giving a bit of an overview of my journey but also giving things like recipes and shortcuts and tips. Lots of people said yes, so, good news! I am going to actually create that e-book. It is going to take me a little while to compile that information. What I am going to do is get the information out of the videos and put that into a booklet type form, an ebook. And then I’m going to give you the mechanism to download it. It’s going to have as much information as possible. I will put all the juices I used, the recipes, how I felt, things to watch out for, how to get out of those difficult tough spots when you’re really wanting to eat and so forth. And what I did to basically succeed in my 56 day juice fast. Continue reading

Back To Solid Foods And Loving It

Hi, Tim here!

How are you going today?

Today is my juice fasting update. Or, should I say, transitioning back to food update! Day 2. This is the start of Day 3, actually, from my, returning from juice fasting, going back to the normal solid foods with some healthy vegetarian recipes. Things are going fantastically well. For those who are asking, yes, I have gained a little bit of weight. The smallest amount of weight actually, since I have gone off juice fasting. Today is the start of the third day, mid morning here in Australia. I have gained 0.1 kilo, yes, 0.1 kilo!

Now that is about 1/5 of one pound. That is all I have gained since moving over, and I suspect that is going to come off pretty quickly, because I am still exercising and eating healthily. Continue reading

Day 57 – Juice Fasting Results Are In!

Hi, Tim here with the last day of my Juice Fast update.

If you watched yesterday you know that yesterday was my last juice fasting day. So I decided to do a video today just talking about my final weight. So I lost 0.3 kg overnight. So that brings my total weight loss now of, about, 0.3 is about 0.6 pounds, so, just a bit over half a pound.

Total weight loss over Day 1 to Day 56 inclusive, was 23.2 kilograms, which is just over 51 pounds, all up, which is fantastic.

And my current weight is 88.2 kilograms, which is 194 1/2 pounds.

So I have actually made it. I am off my juice fast and fasting plan now. And before I go too much further, here is my smoothie! I am going to drink my smoothie, and I will tell you what is in it shortly. But I am going to enjoy it first. Continue reading