It Appears A 100% RAW FOOD DIET Is NOT The Way To Go!

Hi guys, This video is about my findings about a 100% raw food diet and how I am now questioning that is the way to go. It appears it’s not the best approach. Watch the video and let me know what you think! Continue reading


The Summary Of My Low Carb Vegetarian Phuket Adventure

Hi guys! Back home and well rested from our holiday. Here is a very short video I did using the iMovie 11 package on my Mac which I think came out really well – Let me know what you think. Continue reading

A Vegetarian Meal Plan That Is Delicious!

Hello, Tim here from Phuket with yet another low carb vegetarian video.
How are we today?

We’re doing, both Louise and myself are doing fine, having a great time over here. Weather is not too bad. Yesterday ended up being quite hot. Not overcast at all. Sun was out. And man, the sun had a bit of power! Very, very strong.

Today is still looking good. A bit more overcast. It is going to be a bit cooler. But we are still going to go down into the pool. We checked it out before actually, and the water is warm. So looking forward to that.

Maybe you can hear the waves in the background. Quite beautiful and relaxing watching that. Good waking up to it as well, waking up to the sound of the waves.

I have got a few more pictures to include, which I took last night. I will show you shortly in this video. Just talking about the food I had yesterday and so forth. So I will pause this now and we’ll have a look at what I ate yesterday. At least some of the meals anyway. Continue reading

You Can Succeed With A Vegan Diet Plan!

Hi guys!

Tim here from Puket – Phuket I should say, not puke-et, as in spew!

We’re having a lovely time here. This is our first day here. We arrived late last night and obviously didn’t get a chance to do a video. I just wanted to show you the view behind me. We have got a fantastic suite right on the ocean. Absolutely amazing. Weather is fantastic. Even though it is overcast the temperature is really quite warm. It’s almost muggy, but it is beautiful. Absolutely loving it.

We’ve got a busy day today. We’ve got lots of plans. Mainly exploring.

We couldn’t believe the number of motorbikes on the road. It was quite entertaining when we were [arriving] from the airport. All the motorbikes ducking in and out. Some people were actually holding umbrellas while they were riding motorbikes. Continue reading