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Day 57 – Juice Fasting Results Are In!

Hi, Tim here with the last day of my Juice Fast update.

If you watched yesterday you know that yesterday was my last juice fasting day. So I decided to do a video today just talking about my final weight. So I lost 0.3 kg overnight. So that brings my total weight loss now of, about, 0.3 is about 0.6 pounds, so, just a bit over half a pound.

Total weight loss over Day 1 to Day 56 inclusive, was 23.2 kilograms, which is just over 51 pounds, all up, which is fantastic.

And my current weight is 88.2 kilograms, which is 194 1/2 pounds.

So I have actually made it. I am off my juice fast and fasting plan now. And before I go too much further, here is my smoothie! I am going to drink my smoothie, and I will tell you what is in it shortly. But I am going to enjoy it first. Continue reading

Day 55 – Juice Diets Are Truly Effective!

Good morning, good evening, and goodnight! as Jim Carrey would say.

Tim here with my Juice Fasting progress report update for Day 55.

Only one more day to go after my juice diets today. So tomorrow is going to be my last liquid diet weight loss, juice diet weight loss day and juice fasting. Looking forward to that actually! I am starting to think obviously I have been doing this for quite a number of days now, transitioning. Fruit and green smoothies is probably going to be what I am starting with. That will be on Tuesday, because it is Sunday over here in Australia.

It is actually Father’s Day today. So I am going to take it quite easy today. I’m not going to do a lot. I have a couple of adult children, and Louise has got a couple of younger children who are nearly adult (17 and 15). So I hope to catch up with all of those today. Continue reading

Day 54 – Juide Diet Plan Update!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 54 juice fasting update.

Just two days to go, after today, and I am done with my juice fasting!

I talked about, in earlier videos that I wasn’t sure whether I was going to continue the juice diet plan. I have decided to definitely stop it. So my last day – [right now] it is actually Saturday. It’s about 11:40 in the morning, on Saturday, in Australia. And the end of Monday will be my last day. So I will do another video on the Tuesday morning. That will be my final sort of daily ‘weigh-in’ if you will. And then I am going to switch over to a diet of mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds. Because I think that’s the way to go.

I’m going to ease slowly into that. I’m going to start off with some green smoothies and a bit of low carb fruits in the first couple of days, and then build it up from there, slowly. Continue reading

Day 52 – Fruit Juice Heaven!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 52 update.

Still going. Now only got 5 days, including today, to go, and I have finished my juice fast and some fruit juice, which is quite amazing.

Since yesterday I have lost 0.7 kilograms, which is about 1.5 pounds. So my total weight loss now is 21.6 kilograms, which is just over 47.5 pounds.

Current weight now is 89.8 kilograms. Woohoo! Got under the 90 kilogram mark. And that is now a fraction undfer 198 pounds.

So, feeling pretty confident and happy and blissful really. It’s working out nicely.

Interesting in the last 2 days for various reasons I haven’t had 3 juices. I have only had the 2 juices. Yesterday I missed my breakfast juice, but had the lunch and evening one. And the day before I had my breakfast juice, but missed the lunch and had the evening one. It wasn’t by planning. But I have noticed since I’ve done that, that the weight loss has escaled So I’m conscious of the fact that I am not trying to hungry or starve myself or anything. Because that’s the wrong way to try and lose weight. But I think I’m on to something here. For a long term fast, maybe here’s an opportunity to cut down on the juices per day, if you are truly not hungry, which I certainly am not. And just focus on this good stuff: water. And if I’m not hungry I’m going to cut down. Continue reading

Day 50 – Does Lemon Water Really Work?!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 50 update, my juice fasting update.

And I promised you that I would be getting my blood test results back today, which I have, which I am going to talk about in a little while.

Firstly I am going to talk about the fact that I lost 0.5 kg since yesterday, which is 1.1 pounds. Overall that is 20.5 kilograms that I have lost, which is 45 1/4 pounds. My current weight now is 90.9 kilograms, which is about 200 1/2 pounds. So I have nearly cracked the magical amount of getting under 200 pounds, which is fantastic.

Now, the other thing that has happened today was, people have been following along for many weeks, I have got a Nintendo Wii, the games console. And I am using the Wii Fit Plus package. And I weigh myself every day. And I set myself a goal, and about a month ago I reached my first ten kilograms, because that is the maximum weight you can set as a loss. I managed to reach that. And today marks the second time that I have reached the next landmark. Continue reading

Day 47 – Juicing For Weight Loss – Here’s To Good Health!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 47 update.

My juice fasting updates continue, and still going well. I have lost today 0.4 kg, which is just under 1 pound. Total weight loss since I started, Day One, all those days ago, is 19.6 kilos, which I think is about 43 1/4 pounds.

So my current weight now is 91.8 kilos, and that is about 202 and 1/3 pounds.

I’m going to be quite happy actually when I get below the 200 pound mark. A bit of a barrier for me. The way things are going hopefully within the next 3 or 4 days or less I’m going to get through that barrier.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t done this years ago. It is almost like there has been an unconscious barrier there, preventing me from doing this. Because, if I think about it, I think I’ve always known that, just by the information around the place, to a degree, that fruit and vegetables are very healthy for you. So, why have I pretty well avoided both of those types of food? Continue reading