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Day 56 – Juice Fast Journey Nearing Its End

Hello, Tim here with my Day 56 juice fasting update.

This is my final day of juice fasting. After today I am going back to solid food again. By the way, 56 days, in case you’re wondering why it wasn’t 60 days or 90 days, or 100. 56 days is exactly 8 weeks. Eight sevens are 56. That’s the reason chose 56. Just to be a little bit different.

And I am pretty pleased that I am here now! Again, it still hasn’t been a struggle I have to say, mostly. It has been quite straight forward, and I am pleased to have made it to my last day. So, feeling pretty pumped about that. I am going to talk about the actual diet, fruit juice diet, veggie juice diet or, not diet, but eating plan I should say. A book I think you need to read – I am going to talk about shortly and show you.

But before I do that I’ll just talk about my weight loss. I lost 0.2 kilograms, which is around about half a pound since yesterday. Total weight loss now is 22.9 kilograms, which I think is around about 50.5 pounds now. Current weight is now 88.5 kilograms, and that is around 195 pounds, give or take. Continue reading

Day 53 – Lemon Juice – Strikingly Refreshing?!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 53 update. My juice fasting update.

I’m here at the Royal Adelaide show with Louise. Louise is taking the video.

Hello Louise!

Louise: Hello!

Tim: I’m here having a great time. So just a quick video just to let you know that overnight I have lost 0.6 of a kilo. Now I don’t know what that is in pounds, but I will put that on the screen now (1 and 1/3 pounds).

Total weight loss is 22.2 kilograms, which is this much in pounds (just under 49 pounds).

And my weight now is 89.2 kilograms, which is 195 1/2 pounds.

Just going to be a quick one today, because as I said, we’re at the Royal Adelaide Show, which is sort of like a fair or carnival I should call it for you American folks. Continue reading

Day 49 – My Juice Diet Update!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 49 juice diet update, yes my juice fast update.

Only 7 days to go! This time next week will be my last juicing day.

So, feeling fantastic I have to say, still. Since yesterday I have lost another 0.2 kilogram, which is just under half a pound. Total weight loss now is a total of 20 kilograms exactly. And that is a fraction over 44 pounds. Current weight is 91.4 kilos, and that is around 201 1/2 pounds.

So everything on track with my fat burning diet, and doing well.

I mentioned in quite a few previous videos that I am looking at transitioning off, and what I need to do. And it is interesting. I spent some time yesterday researching this. And it seems pretty well the worst thing you could do, if you have been on a long juice fast, is to just start eating normally. Because from what I can gather the stomach creates all these digestive fluids, for want of a better term, the thing that actually helps with digestion. And because you have been on a juice fast, it hasn’t had a lot to do in the last, in my case, the last 49 days, because, of course, the juice is ready to go and ready to be absorbed by the body. It hasn’t had to do much in the way of digestion at all. Continue reading

Day 36 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Commercial Juicer

Hello everyone,

Tim here with my Day 36 update for my juice fast. Everything is still going well. I have actually lost 0.3 kg, which is about 2/3’s of a pound, about, I think it is 0.66 of one pound.

So, overall in my juice fast plan so far I have lost now a total of 16.3 kg, which is just a fraction under 36 pounds.

So, yeah, as I said, everything is going well. Not a lot to report today.

One interesting thing: when I was making my breakfast juice today, I decided to go just for fruit only. Now it has been quite some time since I have had “fruit only” with my juices using my commercial juicer, because pretty well in all my juices I have been juicing vegetables, including celery, some spinach as a minimum. And sometimes some cucumber as well. But this time I decided to go for fruit only. Continue reading

Day 28 – Juicing Vegetables. It Gets Easier Over Time

Hi Tim here with my Day 28 update.

Yay! I’m halfway! Halfway through to my 56 day goal.

Since yesterday I have lost 0.8 kg, which is pretty close, I think it is 1.8 pounds, nearly 2 pounds.

So overall that means I have lost 13.5 kilograms, which is just under 30 pounds. So I have had a pretty good day overnight.

A couple of things.

First thing I wanted to talk about was, yesterday, after 27 days, I started thinking hmm, food! Maybe it would be good to be off this diet!

Now, it may have been because we picked up our friend Sarah from America. She’s over here on holidays for 12 days, to Australia. And on the way home Sarah and Louise were hungry, so they stopped in to Hungry Jacks, which is Burger King for you US folks. And I just sat there. I wasn’t too worried about it, I have to say. I just went in and sat there while they ate that. Continue reading

Day 27 – Are There Really Energy Drink Dangers?

Hi, Tim here with my Day 27 update.

Yes, I’m still going with my juice fast. Getting up close to the halfway mark. Tomorrow is going to mark the halfway mark of my juice plan.

I have lost, since yesterday, 0.4 kg, which is about .9 of a pound, just about 1 pound. Overall my weight loss is now 12.7 kilograms, which is pretty close to 28 pounds.

So, still feeling good, still feeling fantastic, still feeling in control. I had a couple of thoughts today.

Firstly, the word juice fast. ‘Fast’, to me conjures up a negative sort of vibe. I saw someone used the word ‘feast’. I thought that was a good idea. Any other ideas? I’m open to any other ideas to call it. Because it seems such a negative thing to say that you are on a fast, because traditionally that means you’re ‘going without’. Whereas I think what we’re doing is actually giving your body the nutrients it needs. So I’m going to have a think and see if I can come up with a better phrase, and see if we can get that phrase out there and being used in everyday life. Continue reading