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Day 39 – Why Carrot Juice Is So Beneficial

Hi, Tim here with my Day 39 juice fasting update.

Everything is still on track, as it has been for most of this time. Still doing quite well.

I lost 0.4 kg which is just under 1 pound (0.9 pounds).

Total weight loss since I started the juice fast is 17.4kg, which is a bit under 38 1/2 pounds.

So everything is still going quite well in my weight loss. I have still got another 17 days. I’m actually starting to countdown now. I am getting excited!

I am not actually feeling that I need to go off the juice fast, but it is more a case of being a Gemini star sign, I get bored easily. So I am actually looking forward to the challenge of transitioning from drinking juice to getting back onto the solids. Continue reading

Fat Burning Diet Update For Day 20

Hi, Tim here with my Day 20 update.

My fat burning diet is still going well.

I actually went to a Boost juice bar. I’m not sure whether you have got those over in the US, but in Australia they are pretty big. I think you may have something similar. It is basically a chain juice bar. They make very healthy juice shakes.

Now, they made one for me today and I actually carefully asked what the ingredients were. They actually had one called Two and Five, which was Apple, Oranges, Beetroot, Carrot, and Celery and also some ice. Now, I quite liked that. I had that and that was my lunch juice.

Now, interesting enough it was a juice bar but they had the option for a smoothie. But of course a smoothie isn’t a juice fast so I didn’t take that. I really am getting used to the juice fasting benefits and don’t want to try anything that could possibly be outside the scope of that. They also had something, I wrote it down, a Vita Booster. I asked them not to put that in. So if you are thinking of going to Boost or a juice bar, something of that nature, be sure to tell them not to add the extra, or at least find out what is in it. Continue reading

Day 3 – Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues!

Hi this is Tim again on Day 3 of my challenge, my 56 day challenge to lose 32 kilograms in that 56 days, which is 70 pounds.

This is Day 3, as I said, and am I on track? Yes, I am!

I weighed myself this morning. I have lost .9 of a kilogram, which is a fraction under 2 pounds. As you can see on the screen there, I have lost a total of 5.5 pounds. Basically in 2 days, because this is only the 3rd day starting now. And that is 2.5 kilograms.

So well and truly ahead of where I need to be. So I need to actually lose 1.25 pounds a day, which is about .6 kilos, or slightly under that, to meet my goal. Continue reading

Day 2 – Juice Fasting Benefits Are Starting To Show

Hello, Tim here.

Day 2 of my Juice Fasting Plan. My goal, if you recall, if you watched yesterday’s video, is to lose 32 kilos, which is 70 pounds, in 56 days.

56 days, basically 8 weeks.

So this is Day 2. So I started my juice diet yesterday, where my diet is comprised of drinking juice only. Now we’re not talking about the juice you buy from a supermarket or grocer. We’re talking about fresh juice. So I bought a blender, and I am actually blending fruit and vegetables. Good healthy fruit and vegetables. And I’m drinking it immediately for a maximum nutritional value. Continue reading