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Day 48 – Juicing Diet Still On Track!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 48 juice fast plan update. Only 8 days to go, and so I am feeling pretty pumped up about that. I lost 0.2 kg, which is around about half a pound.

My total weight loss now is 19.8 kilograms, which is about to crack the 20 kg mark. And that is just under 202 pounds (sorry, my present weight is just under 200 pounds). It is actually a total of 43… I have forgotten, let’s have a look.

My current weight is 91.6 kg, which is just under 202 pounds. And I have lost 19.8 kilograms, which is just over 43 1/2 pounds.

So, everything is still going well in my juicing diet. I am still finishing off my juice actually. It’s a fruit only juice today. I decided to have fruit only, with some lemons, limes, apple, grapefruit, and something else, I can’t remember what it was [later edits video to include ‘orange and grapefruit’]. Continue reading

Day 36 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Commercial Juicer

Hello everyone,

Tim here with my Day 36 update for my juice fast. Everything is still going well. I have actually lost 0.3 kg, which is about 2/3’s of a pound, about, I think it is 0.66 of one pound.

So, overall in my juice fast plan so far I have lost now a total of 16.3 kg, which is just a fraction under 36 pounds.

So, yeah, as I said, everything is going well. Not a lot to report today.

One interesting thing: when I was making my breakfast juice today, I decided to go just for fruit only. Now it has been quite some time since I have had “fruit only” with my juices using my commercial juicer, because pretty well in all my juices I have been juicing vegetables, including celery, some spinach as a minimum. And sometimes some cucumber as well. But this time I decided to go for fruit only. Continue reading

Day 31 – Craving More For Low Carb Vegetables

Hi, Tim here, with my Day 31 update.

Since yesterday I have lost .3 kg, which is about .66 pound.

Total weight loss now, since I started, is 14.6 kilos, which is 32 1/4 pounds.

Everything is still on track. I’m still feeling good. I’ve had a few temptations. We had about ten people over yesterday. We had a big luncheon here. This was after I shot yesterday’s video. And lots of food. Lots of cakes and pies. Everyone brought a plate and so forth.

I managed to stay out of it, stay clear of it. I had some work to do anyway, which was lucky enough. But later on in the afternoon when I had finished my work I went out there and mingled with the guests, and no, I wasn’t tempted. Continue reading

Juice Fast Plan Update For Day 16

Hello Tim here with my day 16 update.

Yes, I am still on my juice fast plan. Juicing vegetables and having a good time on this juice diet. Whoops, it’s not a juice diet, it’s actually a juice plan. I don’t like using the word diet because I’ve got negative perceptions – to me, dieting is a negative thing. I guess because I have been on multiple diets, many diets over the years and failed. I don’t want this to be at diet. So I am calling this my juice fast plan. And so far it is working quite well.

Overnight, or since the last time I weighed yesterday, I have lost .5 of a kilo, which is about 1.1 pounds. And overall now that is 8.9 kg, which is just under 20 pounds, about 19.6 pounds that I have lost since starting this. Continue reading

Detox Diet Plan Is Still Working – Day 11

Hello everyone!

Here it is on Day 11, and this is my daily update. I have made it to a full 10 days! I have done 10 days of a juice fast and I am doing very well. I am hanging in there. I lost .7 kg overnight, which is about 1.5 pounds, bringing me to a total of 7 kg, which is about 15 1/2 pounds total weight loss since I started.

So everything is pretty well on track. I still have got moments where I am thinking I would like to exit, but what I am noticing is that they are few and far between. Last night, for example, as the family was sitting down for some scrambled eggs I had a brief thought, because I decided, well, I was there while they were having it basically, and there was a fleeting thought that that would be nice. But then feeling that quickly went away. I had a lot less juice yesterday and I noticed I wasn’t hungry. And it’s almost like I am a bit more in control of my hunger and it is more manageable. Continue reading

Day 5- Juice Fast Plan Update

Hi, Tim here.

It is Day Five of my 56 day challenge to lose 32 kg, which is seven pounds over that period of time, over 56 days.

So my status at Day Five is 0.6 kg of weight loss, which is 1.3 pounds. So overall since I have started this juice fast I have actually lost a total of 4 kg, which is just under nine pounds.

So I am very, very happy with the progress so far and I have to say that I am feeling very energised. I’ve got lots of energy. A lot more energy than I have had in the past. Definitely no signs of headaches or anything of that nature. I am not missing coffee, which I talked about in an earlier video – that is something that I usually drink a lot. I am not missing all the bad stuff. I’m not going to say it is good stuff because quite frankly chocolate and so forth isn’t good for you. And I am starting to really enjoy the juices which is quite amazing. There are certainly moments still where I am wanting to go back to the old habits, back to the old types of foods and so forth. But overall I’m feeling quite comfortable and not feeling hungry all the time. So I am enjoying it. Continue reading