My Raw Food Diet Starts Today

Hi guys, this video talks about some more weight loss and how I have decided to go for a raw food diet and see how I go. Hope this video helps you if you are looking to do this type of lifestyle. Continue reading


Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Are Quite Delicious!

Hi all, another day another video. This one I am giving an update of my weight loss as well as what I am eating and also the juice fasting ebook gets a mention. Enjoy! Continue reading

Easy Vegetarian Meals In Phuket

Hello everyone.

It is Tim here from Phuket, Thailand, with another weight loss video update.

How are we all today? We’re feeling fantastic. We just had our breakfast. It is about 9:30am in the morning, or thereabouts. Maybe getting closer to ten o’clock. The weather is fine today. Actually the sun is shining, so it is going to be a very nice day.

But, getting back on track, talking about eating. I ate very well yesterday. All healthy vegetarian recipes and vegetarian meals. For those of you who don’t know, since finishing my juice fast, 56 days of a juice fast, and I lost about 22 kilos, which is around about 51 pounds, since then, I have decided – because I didn’t have any meat or dairy for that period of time, that I would actually go off them. And go the full hog and go to a total vegan diet plan lifestyle. Now, vegan, for those of you who don’t know, is a vegetarian lifestyle. So, no meat products. But it is taking the next step – there are no animal products at all. So no eggs, meat obviously, no dairy. And instead of doing that basically it’s vegetables and fruits, and also things like nuts which are essential, or, have essential vitamins and minerals. Nuts, legumes, seeds and so on.

And I have got some goodies I want to show you now actually, which I will I do. I actually took a picture of what I ate for breakfast, and lunch and evening meals. I want you to have a look at those now. We’ll start off by having a look at the breakfast. Now you can see that even though it was a bit bit bizarre for me, having a lot of vegetables for breakfast. I had some rice there on the plate. There’s some corn there. There’s also some various vegetables. There’s tomato, it’s a tomato dish. There’s also red curry. Beautiful! Absolutely very nice. And a few other vegetables as well. Broccoli as well I believe.

I’m doing this today. Even though I’m putting these pictures on the screen, I’m actually doing this from memory. So hopefully I am getting it all.

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