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Tim Buchalka has been an accomplished software programmer for over 20 years. These days he works with his brother Anthony, in their various online businesses. Being a real life geek, Tim loves all the technical side of the internet and in particular gets a buzz working with various SEO and Web 2.0 projects and still loves designing and building software. Tim is continually achieving remarkable results in multiple page one Google listings across a huge range of niches. Tim is in the forefront of designing new web traffic techniques and has been instrumental in the use of RSS to develop powerful backlinks, page rank and targeted web traffic and is also a leader with the use of Video Site Maps for rapid video ranking on to page one in the search engines.. Tim has a sense of humor and never seems to get stressed about anything in life (other than Anthony playing guitar when he is supposed to be working).

It Appears A 100% RAW FOOD DIET Is NOT The Way To Go!

Hi guys, This video is about my findings about a 100% raw food diet and how I am now questioning that is the way to go. It appears it’s not the best approach. Watch the video and let me know what you think! Continue reading


My Raw Food Diet Starts Today

Hi guys, this video talks about some more weight loss and how I have decided to go for a raw food diet and see how I go. Hope this video helps you if you are looking to do this type of lifestyle. Continue reading