Day 51 – Juice Fast Recipes Can Be Simple If You Know How

Hi, Tim here with my Day 51 juice fasting update.

Since yesterday I have lost 0.4 kilogram, which is about 0.9 pounds. Just under 1 pound. Bringing my total juice fast results in weight loss since I started my juice fast, to 20.9 kilograms, which is 46 pounds.

My current weight now is 90.5 kilograms, which is 199 1/2 pounds! Yes! I have cracked the magical 200 pound barrier. I am now under that, which is good. My next goal is to get under 90 kilos, which is by the way looking like it is going to be only one or two days before that happens.

Everything else is going quite well. Only got a few more day to go now. Day 51. As you probably know by now I am finishing on Day 56. I am still putting a lot of research into transitioning and looking into more juice fast recipes. Definitely going to go to fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds. That’s my primary source of nutrition. Continue reading


Day 50 – Does Lemon Water Really Work?!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 50 update, my juice fasting update.

And I promised you that I would be getting my blood test results back today, which I have, which I am going to talk about in a little while.

Firstly I am going to talk about the fact that I lost 0.5 kg since yesterday, which is 1.1 pounds. Overall that is 20.5 kilograms that I have lost, which is 45 1/4 pounds. My current weight now is 90.9 kilograms, which is about 200 1/2 pounds. So I have nearly cracked the magical amount of getting under 200 pounds, which is fantastic.

Now, the other thing that has happened today was, people have been following along for many weeks, I have got a Nintendo Wii, the games console. And I am using the Wii Fit Plus package. And I weigh myself every day. And I set myself a goal, and about a month ago I reached my first ten kilograms, because that is the maximum weight you can set as a loss. I managed to reach that. And today marks the second time that I have reached the next landmark. Continue reading

Day 49 – My Juice Diet Update!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 49 juice diet update, yes my juice fast update.

Only 7 days to go! This time next week will be my last juicing day.

So, feeling fantastic I have to say, still. Since yesterday I have lost another 0.2 kilogram, which is just under half a pound. Total weight loss now is a total of 20 kilograms exactly. And that is a fraction over 44 pounds. Current weight is 91.4 kilos, and that is around 201 1/2 pounds.

So everything on track with my fat burning diet, and doing well.

I mentioned in quite a few previous videos that I am looking at transitioning off, and what I need to do. And it is interesting. I spent some time yesterday researching this. And it seems pretty well the worst thing you could do, if you have been on a long juice fast, is to just start eating normally. Because from what I can gather the stomach creates all these digestive fluids, for want of a better term, the thing that actually helps with digestion. And because you have been on a juice fast, it hasn’t had a lot to do in the last, in my case, the last 49 days, because, of course, the juice is ready to go and ready to be absorbed by the body. It hasn’t had to do much in the way of digestion at all. Continue reading

Day 48 – Juicing Diet Still On Track!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 48 juice fast plan update. Only 8 days to go, and so I am feeling pretty pumped up about that. I lost 0.2 kg, which is around about half a pound.

My total weight loss now is 19.8 kilograms, which is about to crack the 20 kg mark. And that is just under 202 pounds (sorry, my present weight is just under 200 pounds). It is actually a total of 43… I have forgotten, let’s have a look.

My current weight is 91.6 kg, which is just under 202 pounds. And I have lost 19.8 kilograms, which is just over 43 1/2 pounds.

So, everything is still going well in my juicing diet. I am still finishing off my juice actually. It’s a fruit only juice today. I decided to have fruit only, with some lemons, limes, apple, grapefruit, and something else, I can’t remember what it was [later edits video to include ‘orange and grapefruit’]. Continue reading

Day 47 – Juicing For Weight Loss – Here’s To Good Health!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 47 update.

My juice fasting updates continue, and still going well. I have lost today 0.4 kg, which is just under 1 pound. Total weight loss since I started, Day One, all those days ago, is 19.6 kilos, which I think is about 43 1/4 pounds.

So my current weight now is 91.8 kilos, and that is about 202 and 1/3 pounds.

I’m going to be quite happy actually when I get below the 200 pound mark. A bit of a barrier for me. The way things are going hopefully within the next 3 or 4 days or less I’m going to get through that barrier.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t done this years ago. It is almost like there has been an unconscious barrier there, preventing me from doing this. Because, if I think about it, I think I’ve always known that, just by the information around the place, to a degree, that fruit and vegetables are very healthy for you. So, why have I pretty well avoided both of those types of food? Continue reading

Day 46 – Time For Drinking More Vegetable Juice

Hi Tim here with my Day 46 update.

Back in familiar territory again, back home. For all those people who wrote in and said, was I homeless? because I was filming next to a highway, thank you very much! I know you were just kidding!

Yeah, I decided to film it back home today. I lost 0.1 kg, which is only a 1/4 of a pound. But still, it is some weight loss. So that brings to a total of 19.3 kg the amountn of weight that I have lost since starting this. And that is about 42.5 pounds I believe.

So my current weight is 92.2 kg, which is about 203 1/4 pounds.

So yes, feeling good. Continue reading

Day 45 – Fasting For Weight Loss – Still Going Strong!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 45 update.

Sorry for the loud noise of the traffic behind me. Standing next to a major highway is probably a silly idea to be doing the video here.

But anyway, today I have lost 0.2 kg, bringing me to a total weight loss since I started the juice fast, a total of: 19.1 Kg (about 42 pounds).

And currently my juice fast results weight is now 92.3 kg (203 1/2 pounds).

Now, the reason I didn’t say this is obviously I haven’t weighed myself yet. So when I get back home I will weigh myself and I am going to put those figures up when I edit the video.

Now just a couple of things today I wanted to talk about. Continue reading