Fat Burning Diet Update For Day 20

Hi, Tim here with my Day 20 update.

My fat burning diet is still going well.

I actually went to a Boost juice bar. I’m not sure whether you have got those over in the US, but in Australia they are pretty big. I think you may have something similar. It is basically a chain juice bar. They make very healthy juice shakes.

Now, they made one for me today and I actually carefully asked what the ingredients were. They actually had one called Two and Five, which was Apple, Oranges, Beetroot, Carrot, and Celery and also some ice. Now, I quite liked that. I had that and that was my lunch juice.

Now, interesting enough it was a juice bar but they had the option for a smoothie. But of course a smoothie isn’t a juice fast so I didn’t take that. I really am getting used to the juice fasting benefits and don’t want to try anything that could possibly be outside the scope of that. They also had something, I wrote it down, a Vita Booster. I asked them not to put that in. So if you are thinking of going to Boost or a juice bar, something of that nature, be sure to tell them not to add the extra, or at least find out what is in it. Continue reading


Juice Fasting Plan Update – Day 19


Tim here, with my juice fasting plan update for Day 19.

Everything is still going on track, going well. I have lost .4 kg since last time, since yesterday, which is just under one pound. So that brings me to a total of 9.9 kg, or just under 22 pounds total amount that I have lost since I started the juice fast.

So I am still actually working away, and I am still on the juice fast. I am actually having a more vegetables. I talked about that more yesterday, the fact that I think to accelerate the weight loss I think you need to have an increase in vegetables. And I am certainly trying to do that. In each meal I am trying to have a lot more vegetable. When I say each meal, I mean each drink.

Basically spinach and celery are the two major ones that I am having. And I am also having good fruits that are really good for you, grapefruit, lime, and lemon. They are really, really quite good for your body because they aren’t acidic. They are the opposite to what your body is, because your body is obviously very acidic. So by giving yourself these types of fruits, they are really good to counter that, to really make you feel great and fantastic. And it’s actually red grapefruit that I have researched, that is actually better. Continue reading

Detox Diet Plan Update For Day 18

Hello, Tim here with my detox diet plan update!

This is Day 18, and I am still on track, doing quite well. I lost .5 of a kilogram since yesterday, which is about 1.1 pound. So, overall my weight loss is 9.5 kilograms, which is 21 pounds. And that is in 17 days, because today is the start of the 18th day as I am filming this.

I have to say vegetable drinks: I am starting to get into those a lot more now. I am finding that I think I need to do that. I think what has happened is that I have had a bit of a slow down in my weight loss in the last probably two or three days. I think that is caused by having too much fruit and not enough vegetables. So if you are on this juice fast, juice diet, I think you need to have more of a component of vegetables.

So, yes, I have taken the plunge everybody, you will be pleased to know, and I am using celery! I actually used celery this morning in my drink. I am using a lot more spinach. I am using broccoli as well. But this morning I just had spinach and celery with my fruit drink. And I am cutting down on fruits like watermelon and I am actually going more to grapefruit, which I know is really good for you. Also lemon, I am using more lemon, and I am also using lime. So all of those alkalis – the body – and they are actually quite good forou. So I am using more of those. Continue reading

Day 17 – Juice Fast Progress And Your Questions Answered

Hello, it’s Tim here with my Day 17 update.

I am still on my juice fast and I have lost point one of the kilogram, which is only 1/5 of one pound. That brings my total weight loss so far to 9 kg which is just a fraction under 20 pounds.

So, still going quite good, and all on track.

What I wanted to do in today’s video is just talk about, a little bit about juice fasting in general, because it seems from the comments that I am reading in my previous videos, there is a bit of misunderstanding on what juice fasting is.

I will start off by saying that juice fasting is actually something that has been done by people, you know, various religions and so forth, for thousands of years. Continue reading

Juice Fast Plan Update For Day 16

Hello Tim here with my day 16 update.

Yes, I am still on my juice fast plan. Juicing vegetables and having a good time on this juice diet. Whoops, it’s not a juice diet, it’s actually a juice plan. I don’t like using the word diet because I’ve got negative perceptions – to me, dieting is a negative thing. I guess because I have been on multiple diets, many diets over the years and failed. I don’t want this to be at diet. So I am calling this my juice fast plan. And so far it is working quite well.

Overnight, or since the last time I weighed yesterday, I have lost .5 of a kilo, which is about 1.1 pounds. And overall now that is 8.9 kg, which is just under 20 pounds, about 19.6 pounds that I have lost since starting this. Continue reading

Day 15 Juicing Celery And Loving It?

Hi, Tim here with my quick day 15 update.

It is only going to be a quick one today because I have got a busy day planned doing lots of things.

Just to let you know that I have lost a huge amount of weight! You are not going to believe just how much weight I have lost. Are you ready for it?

Point one of a kilogram, which is about 1/5 of the pound!

That’s right, I am just nudging over the scale but I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I thought this was going to be the first day that there was going to be no weight loss. And I am obviously hoping that that is not going to happen in the 56 days. But I did manage to lose point one of a kilo. And I think it was only picked up because the Wii Fit Plus has obviously got a fairly accurate scale. If I had put it on normal scales it probably would not have registered a change. Continue reading

Day 14 – Fat Burning Diet Is Still Working!


Tim, here again with Day 14, my Day 14 update.

I am still going on with this juice fasting plan. I am still managing to keep on track.

And I had a bit of temptation yesterday: drumroll, look away, look away now! Look at this picture if you dare.

This is what was in front of my eyes last night, this picture. And I was able to resist that. I had a feeling that there was going to be lots of nice – well, I say nice but it’s actually not nice because it is very unhealthy for you, not healthy at all. This type of food was there and I was quite happy to take my drink and successfully managed to avoid any food whatsoever. And I wasn’t really tempted, I have to say, even though that food would have in the past been something that I wanted a lot of. I was quite happy to go without. Continue reading